1960s: Our early years, in West LA & Canoga Park. UCLA, Triangle Fraternity, Rocketdyne, birth of Jan & Liz, grad school.

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1970s: Placentia, Cal State Fullerton, horses, swimming, first trip to Europe.

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1980s: Kids finish high school and move on to UCI, Judy gets Masters in Reading and opens reading clinic, Ed switches to Computer Science Department, ASHRAE meetings, Ed begins 20 year affiliation with The Berkeley Lab, six months in Stockholm, more European travel.

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1990s: Long term visits to Oxford and Nagoya, round the world trip with stops in Japan, China and the UK, Jan finds Bill and Liz finds Kevin, Ed takes early retirement droping to half-time teaching to focus on research with The Berkeley Lab.

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2000s: Ed retires for real & Judy closes reading clinic. New focus becomes, family and social groups, e.g., Jaguar Owners Club, AAUW, reading groups, travel becomes for fun rather than work. With the arrival of Jackson we learn the joys of grandparenting!

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2010s: Ed joins OC hiking clubs, Judy takes up Tia Chi.

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