scan0001  Judy at a frat party in college. Notice how she's shoved those other gals aside! Scan-130616-0006  The Bride!  Judy made the dress herself. Scan-130608-0016 Scan-130608-0009  With Patrick.
Scan-130608-0007  Sailing to Avalon. JudyFlowers  Endless love of flowers. Scan-130608-0001  At Lake of the Woods, with the Baldwins. Scan-130612-0002  Beautiful lady, beautiful flowers.
Scan-130613-0003  This is an extremely unusual photo, needless to say. At Liz's graduation party at Michael's digs in San Diego JudyScan-130626-0001  In a garden in Oxford JudyXmas09JPG  Christmas, 2009 Scan-130625-0003  Judy at JOC Concours, 2010
IMG 3453  No, that's not Judy's Rolls, but she would look good in it!