46thStox  Well, Ed and Judy, together for 50 years. I have only known them for 47 years, and I don’t remember the first 5. So, lets say 42 years of cumulative memory. Don’t worry, won’t go into great detail for all of those years!  Let me   just say, love and respect is what I always remember seeing between them throughout my life. During easy times, and especially hard times. Obviously, a recipe for a successful marriage. A bit of history on Mom and Dad. They met in 1961 at UCLA at a Frat party, of all places! Mom was a little sister, and dad was a raging party fraternity member. Well, actually, it was an engineering fraternity, called triangle, but, I’m guessing dad was not a square in those days, if not a toga donning Greek! Well, maybe their 46th anniversary at Mr Stox scan0001 scan0017 scan0002
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KeyWestJL LizOnSonny  Liz on Sonny Scan-130608-0020 Scan-130627-0004
Scan-130608-0019 EdPaella Scan-130626-0010 Scan-130620-0016
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Wedding KeyWestJ&L  Jan & Liz at Key West