Tai Chi

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47thStox  Anniversary dinner at Mr Stox 49thStox  Anniversary dinner at Mr Stox Chilllin' at Starbucks  Ed's younger brother Tom, recently recovered from  surgery to repair a ruptured brain aneurysms. IMGP2209  Laura, Jan, Liz, & Bryan
IMG 2399  Taking the Metro Bus & trains to the Science Center. IMG 2405  Finally we're here! IMG 2407  Liquid propellant rocket engine IMG 2411  Jackson takes the controls!
IMG 2978  Sunset from our back yard IMG 3002  Jackson went to Griffith Observatory with Papa Ed & Granma Judy. IMG 3003  Jackson loves to cook with Papa Ed IMG 3012  Jackson's first day at school. He was accompanied by Granma Areta, Granma Judy, and Papa Ed
IMG 3015  The risotto preparred by Jackson & papa Ed. IMG 3017  Jackson visits the LA Zoo. That's Reggie the Alligator in his new digs. He was finally captured after evading all attempts in Machado Lake at Harbor City for a couple years. IMG 3035  This risotto is really good! He skipped the peas, though! IMG 3073  One of Ed's hikes at Peters Canyon, north Orange County
IMG 3264  Ed & Jackson at Pine Mountain Club IMG 3301  Ed at Holy Jim Falls. Who would have thought this could be only an hour's drive  from Placentia? IMG 3332 - Copy  Judy, Polly, & Jan, Bradbury Building, downtown LA. IMG 3376  Garret plays for  a very interested Jackson.
IMG 3413  Lining up for the Tour of hills  behind Ventura with the Jaguar Owners Club IMG 3533  Judy, Liz, Jackson, Kevin, Jan, Bill, and the photographer. Thanksgiving at Kevin, Liz, & Jackson's Sherman Oaks home. JacksonSansTonsils  Look Mom, no tonsils! M1390008  Judy & John
MasterPastryChefAtWork  Some perks go with the job! P7301650  Judy, Jackson & Ed head for the pool. Ed's birthday P7301665  Kevin & Jackson P7301671  Ed & Jackson fixing dinner
P7301679  Ed's birthday dinner P7301683  Judy & Ed SAM 0246  Mother's Day, 2012.   There were only two lobsters left at Gelson's... guess who got them! SAM 0499  Laura's birthday party 2012.
SAM 0495  Couple of gate crashers, perhaps? SAM 0498  All the important people were there... SAM 0501  Michael & Diana EdPaella  Ed trying out LKJ's new kitchen... making paella.