IMG 1744  On his 70th birthday Ed hiked a bit og the Bright Angle Trail. Att hat time he had not been hiking much and was unprepared to go further. IMG 1737  Started at dawn and saw several sunrises whil going down. IMG 1739  Self portrait. IMG 1740  The trail downward.
IMG 1741  It's a very well maintrained trail. IMG 1742  The hiker who took this one of me said he could get a better shot if I backed up a bit.  I didn't fall for it! IMG 2904  Hiking Mt San Jacinto witht he Sierra Club. We rode the tram up to 8500 feet and did a mostly flat hike at that altitude. Next, the peak! IMG 2912  Cool weather, beautiful views.
IMG 2918  View from the tram Group2  Ed hiked the Ski Hut Trail to the top of Mt Baldy with the Orange County Hiking Club  in June 2013. EdAtSkiHut  We've reached the Sierra Club Ski Hut, about half way up. It was built in 1937. One can reserve it, but no one was in residence at the time. No bell hops to bring up luggage up from the car though! FinalAssault  Nearing the top.
EdSummits  Ed at the top. No, it wan't a piece of cake! SAM 0535  Marker plate SAM 0533  The stronger  hikers reached the peak 20-30 minutes before  Ed. Hike leader John Santy found one of the few rocks flat enough to sit on. IMG 1818  Kevin & Ed hiked to Supai in the Grand Canyon with some of Ed's OC hiking buddies in May 2012. The whole team at the trailhead ready to go!
IMG 1820  Switchbacks through red filter IMG 1822  Here the trail is wide and smooth, but there are rough patches too. IMG 1833  The switchbacks IMG 1907  A friendly hiker did this  group shot at a rest break.
IMG 2138  Ed points the way. IMG 2153  Mooney Falls while climbing down. SAM 0311  Suzie is right in front of me (Ed), preparing to step into a short switchback to the next level. You can see Kevin ant the next level. We're still perhaps 100 feet above the canyon floor. If you look hard you can see people on a sandy beach below. (To the left of Suzie's backpack) IMG 2180  Suzie, disappearing into the tunnel.
IMG 2183 IMG 2187  Ed, emerging from the tunnel, smiles to conceal fear! IMG 2200Crop  Note that there are now 3 young women  between Ed & Suzie. They passed him as he was dealing with his "wardrobe failure". His water shoes fell apart on the way down!. The gal with a red pack is helping Ed find the next foothold as he backs down. IMG 2213  OMG, nobody said anything about ladders! And to think I don't even go up on the roof anymore!
IMG 2215  Shear joy of survival is what we see here. IMG 2216  The right sole came off first. Ed left it whereit fell and pressed on. Then left one broke loose but not all the way. He had to use the other foot to pull it off the rest of the way, and the whole shoe cam off.  These things ar hard to get on while sitting down. Try it sometime while standing on one foot and hanging on to a chine 50 feet above a canyon floor! IMG 2226  Kevin always looks so relaxed. IMG 2243  Yes, we got wet!
IMG 2249  Ed spotted Charlie as someone in his age cohert and struck up a conversation. Turns out Charlie's got 10 years on him! Moreover, he carried a 44 pound pack down the Haulupai Trail. A fit and fine fellow who lives in Mesa, AZ. SAM 0273  Hold on, Kevin. Help is on the way! IMG 3751  Ed hiked Yosemite in September 2012. He did John Muir to top of Nevada Falls, then down the Mist Trail. To the right is the John Muir Trail leading to Nevada Falls and many points beyond. It is a broad, well maintained trail of modest incline for the most part. Nonetheless, you will be climbing about 2000 feet. IMG 3755  I met few hikers on the JMT since I started out at 6:50AM, well after the Half Dome climbers but before the shuttles start bring the masses to the trail head.
IMG 3758  Half Dome is often in view along the JMT. IMG 3760  ... and I've come 2.3 miles from the Valley floor. IMG 3762  A fellow hiker took this at a viewing point. IMG 3769
NevadaVernalTopo  Topo map of the hike. The red shows a route constructed beforehand using the Garmin BaseCamp software. It was downloaded to my Garmin GPSMap 60Csx handheld GPS. The gray shows the track recorded my the 60CSx as I hiked. Obviously, there are differences. First, I had to park some distance from the the planned starting point. Second, I planned to start out on the  "Stock trail" on the left side of the Merced, which I did not find. Eventually I got onto the planned route, and from there on the  differences are probably  tracking errors due to high canyon walls obstructing satellite views. SAM 0456  Ed hiked the Couger Crest Trail to Grays Peak  at Big Bear in  August 2012. SAM 0458  Big Bear Lake in the background. SAM 0462  We covered a (very, very) small segment of the Pacific Crest Trial on the hike.
SAM 0468 SAM 0469  Rest break.  We started at 6750 feet and reached the peak at 7920 feet.