2000s: Ed retires for real & Judy closes reading clinic. New focus becomes, family and social groups, e.g., Jaguar Owners Club, AAUW, reading groups, travel becomes for fun rather than work. With the arrival of Jackson we learn the joys of grandparenting!


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46thStox  Ed & Judy celebrate their 46th anniversary at Mr Stox Scan-130619-0001 (2)  Kevin & Liz at their new home in Sherman Oaks. Scan-130619-0001  CSUF 2000 graduation day, Ed was the Faculty Marshal for Engineering & Computer Science. Scan-130619-0010  Great tomatoes from the backyard garden, 2000
Scan-130619-0002  Bryan, Kevin & Ed's brother Tom help Ed bottle home brew. Scan-130619-0003  Ed, Judy, & a colleague of Ed's Scan-130619-0004  Ed's brother Jack, his mom Polly, brother Thad, and sister Polly at Polly's home in Phoenix Scan-130619-0005  Ed, Judy's Uncle Mar, & Judy
Scan-130619-0006  Three siblings: Judy's dad Phil, is brother Mark, & sister Mary. Scan-130619-0007  Ed's Triangle Fraternity brother Stome Froberg. Always a free-spirited adventurer,  Stone was killed in a flying accident in 2009. Scan-130619-0008  Judy & Megan at Jan's La Mesa condo, August 2000 Scan-130619-0009  Jan's La Mesa condo, August 2000
Scan-130619-0012  Liz & kevin at Crowell's cottage in Canada GroupAtHWBowl  AN evening at the Hollywood Bowl. Liz, Lisa Hatfield, Judy, Ed. November 2010 LizLisHWBowl  Liz & Lisa Hatfield IMGP6497  Halloween 2009
EdJudy42Ann  Ed & Judy's 42nd anniversary, 2005, Mr Stox Scan-130626-0001  The Einstein sculpture in Washington, DC. Ed presented what may be his last technical paper at a conference on High Performance Computing. Scan-130626-0002  Ed's brother TOm & his son Scott, January 2006. IMGP5818  Jackson visiting Jan's stables to meet Maestro & Tenor. Maestro shown here.
IMGP5821  Jan and Jackson, about to eat Maestro's carrot! IMG 1469 IMG 1650  $th of July, 2009. Jackson, Mommy, & Ed IMG 1651  Judy dips in.
IMG 1653  Megan IMG 1656  Bryan Barbary, Kevin, Laura, Liz, Bill IMG 1657  Barbara & Kevin. IMG 1663  Jackson's a good swimmer already.
IMG 2932  Judy's El Segundo 50th High School Reunion. IMG 2937  Judy's El Segundo 50th High School Reunion. IMG 2938  Judy's El Segundo 50th High School Reunion. IMG 2946  Judy's El Segundo 50th High School Reunion.
IMG 2961  Judy's El Segundo 50th High School Reunion. Scan-130626-0003  The 2006 Avalon. First brand new, made to order car Ed & Judy have owned. Scan-130627-0001  Grand Canyon Railway, July 2009. Scan-130627-0002  Jan & Tenor
Scan-130627-0003  Jan &  Maestro Scan-130627-0004  Bill & Jan with Maestro & Tenor Xmas2009  Judy, Jan & Liz, Christmas 2009 Xmas2009Family  Family, Christmas 2009
Xmas2009Jackson  Jackson, Christmas 2009 Xmas2009Kevin  Santa, Christmas 2009