Scan-130626-0004  James Jackson Crowell was born February 27, 2005. Ed's wearing a mask because he had a cold. Scan-130626-0005  Jan and Bill visited the next morning. Scan-130626-0018  Finally, Daddy gets his turn. Scan-130626-0001  Ed gets his turn.
Scan-130626-0002  He was a happy little guy from the start. Scan-130626-0007  Judging from the oleander it's summer at Ed & Judy's home in Placentia. Jackson must be about 6 months old. Scan-130626-0009  Mommy hangs on tight! Scan-130626-0008  Jan & Jackson, with Megan and Macy or Matisse in the background.
Scan-130626-0006  Jackson visits his Great Grandpa Phil Baldwin Four Generations  Four generations! ThadJacksonKevin  Kevin, Jackson, & Ed's brother Thad.  Jackson is almost a year old. Scan-130626-0010  Not bad for a first try!
Scan-130626-0011  Jackson's 1st birthday party. Scan-130626-0012  Liz & Jackson met Judy & Ed downtown when Jackson was almost 1 year old. Like his mom, He's fascinated by piegons. Scan-130626-0013  And like his dad, he  can't wait to get out on the ice! Scan-130626-0016  Later, back at the  pumpkin farm....
Scan-130626-0014  It's looking good, Jackson! Scan-130626-0015  Uncle John gets his turn! Scan-130626-0017  At the UCLA Book Fair, April 2007