1990s: Long term visits to Oxford and Nagoya, round the world trip with stops in Japan, China and the UK, Jan finds Bill and Liz finds Kevin, Ed takes early retirement droping to half-time teaching to focus on research with The Berkeley Lab.


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Liz & Kevin Wedding

July 24, 1993: Liz & Kevin take their vows in San Diego.

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EdJudyLizKev JanIan  Ian & Judy's student Nathan. JudyFlowers EdJudy
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Scan-130612-0020  Judy & ASHRAE friends, Philadelphia, 1998 Scan-130612-0021  Liz's graduation 1997 Scan-130612-0022 Scan-130612-0023
Scan-130613-0002  Liz's graduation party 1996 Scan-130613-0003  This is an extremely unusual photo of Mom, needless to say. Liz's graduation paprt at Michael's digs in San Diego Scan-130613-0001  It's been a long time for Ed too.... Scan-130613-0008  Thanksgiving at Crowell's, 1996
Scan-130613-0004  New kitchen, sans  hood. Jan, Ed, Liz Rose Scan-130613-0006  Ed, Jan, John, Phil, Jean & flowers. Scan-130613-0005  Jan at piano, Christmas 1996. Scan-130613-0007  Christmas 1996. Will she like them?
Scan-130612-0025  Jan, 1998 Scan-130612-0024  Ed's retirement award, presented by President Gordon. June 1997 Scan-130612-0026  Liz's graduation luncheon Scan-130612-0027  Bryan puzzling over the wine list. Yes he does sometimes read upside down, just for the challenge!
Scan-130612-0028  Polly & Fred's 1997 visit, with the Roses. Scan-130612-0029  Thad, Bette, & Mom visit, January 1997. Scan-130612-0030  Mom (Polly), Tom, & Bette. 1997 Scan-130612-0031  Liz & Kevin, 1997.
Scan-130613-0009  Our hosts from Nagoya, the Okamias. January 1998. Scan-130613-0010  They brought us  New Year's feast bento boxes from Little Tokyo. Scan-130613-0011  Ed does Japanese meal for Okamias. We brought a complete set of pottery dishes from Japan. Scan-130613-0012
Scan-130613-0013  The Ciancaglinis. Margo Marconet, , her son, and  husband, and Annemaria. Scan-130613-0014  Our family,  May 1998 Scan-130613-0015  The older generation dines indoors.... Scan-130613-0016  ... while the younger does it al fresco.
Scan-130613-0017  Dad & Jan, June 1998 Scan-130613-0018  Jan's birthday, 1998 Scan-130613-0019  Liz & Bryan show Dad how to kick back & relax. Scan-130613-0020  Two lovley ladies!
Scan-130613-0021  Judy in Toronto, for the 1998 ASHRAE Annual Meeting Scan-130613-0022  Jan & family: Megan & Ian Scan-130613-0023  Ed's 59th birthday. Great hat! Scan-130613-0024  Ed's mom Polly, at Thad & Bette's in Glendale, AZ. 1998
Scan-130613-0025  Thad's shch a serious guy... really dull to be around him! Scan-130613-0026  This is a treasure! Liz, Kevin, Polly (Ed's mom) , her sister Ruth, Thad,  Polly (Ed's sister) Polly's husband Fred, Ed, and Judy. At Thad & Bette's, 1998. Scan-130613-0027  Polly, Liz, and Polly's sister Rita. 1998 Scan-130613-0028  Kevin's dad, Clarence. And it's not even Christmas yet!
Scan-130613-0029  Caught! Scan-130613-0031  Liz & matchmaker Darlene Scan-130613-0030  Everyone has heard of snake charmers, but that isn't a flute or a snake! Scan-130613-0032  Ed, Judy, Polly, Barbara, Fred
Scan-130616-0001  Judy with ASHRAE friends at an art studio in Chicago, 1999. From the left, Peg, Judy, Julie Kneble, & Joan Dorgan Scan-130616-0002  Judy's Dad Phi Baldwin's 81st birthday, La Paz Restaurant, El Segundo Scan-130616-0003  Phil's birthday Scan-130616-0004  Phil's birthday
Scan-130616-0005  Judy, Ed, & Barbara at the Van Gogh exhibit, 1999 Scan-130616-0006  Any convient lap will do for Ian. Scan-130616-0008  Judy's birthday, 1999. Top, Liz Rose,  college friend Arlene Pierce, Judy, Liz, Kevin. Bottom: high school friend Glee Gerde, & Judy Scan-130616-0009  Bill Scott (on the right!). In addition to Jan, Bill loves bears!
Scan-130616-0010  Our traditional anniversary dinner at Mr. Stox in Anaheim. Scan-130616-0014  Jan's birthday dinner, 1999. From the left: Bill, Jan, Judy, & Ed. Scan-130616-0013  Ed's Triangle Fraternity brother George Kunkle & Ed at George's daughter Bonnie's wedding in Santa Barbara. Scan-130616-0011  At our house-sit on Oxford St in Berkeley, 1999.
Scan-130616-0012  Back yard at Berkeley house. Scan-130616-0020  The Oxford St. house house is not far from Shattuck Ave. in North Berkeley, known as Gourmet Getto. We did uor best to fit in! Scan-130616-0015  View from front porch of Berkeley. Scan-130616-0016  While in Berkeley we often took BART to the City. He's an excellent guide!
Scan-130616-0017  Brother John often visited too. Scan-130616-0019  Ed, Phil Haves, & Judy at the Oxford house in Berkely. Phil was our host at Oxford University in England, 1990-91, and now heads the Simulation Research Group at The Berkeley Lab. Scan-130616-0018  Ed's 1999 birthday dinner at Chez Panisse in Berkeley. We were joined by  Phil Haves and Michael. Judy picked up the tab! Scan-130616-0021  Jan & Liz at Liz & Kevin's apartment in West LA, August 1999.
Scan-130616-0022  Ed, Jan, Bill at Liz & Kevin's. Scan-130619-0001  The Rose's & Tom help fix a feast for the Eve of the new Millinium Scan-130619-0002 Scan-130619-0003  Bill, Judy, and Ed celebrated Thanksgiving 1999 at Jan's La Mesa condo.
Scan-130619-0005  Jan & Ian Scan-130619-0006  It's Christmas again! Liz, Kevin, Ed, Judy's Dad Phil Baldwin, Jan, & Judy at home in Placentia. Scan-130619-0007  Kevin, Liz & Jan's Megan Scan-130625-0001  Jan and her Morgan, Phillip. In San Diego.
KeyWestJL  Jan & Liz at Key West NathanIan  Ian & Judy's student Nathan. Scan-130619-0004 Scan-130626-0001  Judy & Ed's mom Polly, mid 1990s