Scan-130625-0001  Where Ed worked at Oxford University. Top: Engineering Department building. Bottom: Ed's office. He's working on a clumky old (2-3 years old) Sun computer. It's principal virtue was it gave off enough heat to keep his office warm! Scan-130625-0002  We were barely unpacked when Liz showed up. She had a conference in Oxford  with her UC San Diego PhD advisor and other nueroimaging geeks. It was an almost unbelievable coincidence. Scan-130625-0003  Ed at Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, neqr Oxford. Scan-130625-0004  Liz & Judy at The Trout, a famous pub in Wolvercote, near Oxford. It's on the Thames, and about a mile or two downstream is The Perch. We sometimes would hike the riverside path to the Perch, have a beer,  then back for lunch at the Trout.
Scan-130625-0006  Judy's brother John came for a visit at Christmas time. Scan-130625-0007  No matter where we are, Judy always sets a nice table! We got our wine at Oddbins,  walking distance from our flat in Summertown. OxfordScan-130626-0001  In a garden in Oxford. Scan-130625-0008  After several months of trains & busses we finally bought a little Vauxhall from another Oxford visitor who was about to return. We drove it all over the UK, then at the end of our visit drove it to Sweden,  across the continent all the way to Nice, then back to Oxford.
Scan-130625-0009 Scan-130625-0010  Jan & her friend Julie Porter visited too. They went with us to Canterbury. Scan-130625-0011  And on to Stonehinge Scan-130625-0012  Somewhere high up in the towers of Salisbury Cathedral there is a little panel of glass with Jan's name inscribed on it!
Scan-130625-0013  Having a pint at the  Eagle & Child in Oxford (aka the Bird & the Babe ) of J. R. R. Tolkien fame. Scan-130626-0002  Judy at St. Andrew's, Scotland. July 1991 Scan-130626-0003  Picnic in a pasture near Barton Abbey, Oxfordshire Scan-130626-0005  Breakfast at our flat in Summertown, Oxford. Note  flowers & carefully set table, Judy style!
Scan-130626-0006  ... and at dinner. Scan-130626-0007  Judy in her new scarf from Liberty of London. Scan-130626-0008  Looks like a pub, but where? Scan-130626-0009  We drove the Whisky Road in a winter tour of Scotland. A huge storm hit, forcing us to turn in the car in Glasgow and catch the train back to Oxford.