Scan-130620-0001  Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto Scan-130620-0002  Lunch with Yomi's parents, Kyoto visit 1999. Scan-130620-0003  Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto 1999 Scan-130620-0004  Judy's a Buddhist at heart! Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto 1999
Scan-130620-0005  Judy took a short Ikebane class. This is her creation, taking Place of Honor award. Scan-130620-0006  Ed with his Maiko girl (Geisha in training), Kyoto 1999 Scan-130620-0007  Shinkansen Nozomi 500... most sleek and fast of all Japanese Bullet trains, at Kyoto station, 1999 Scan-130620-0008  Nagoya Castle, 1996.
Scan-130620-0009  Our hosts Proffessors Nakahara (left) and Okumiya. Mrs Nakahara joined us for this Kaiseki dinner, contrary to Japanese custom. Scan-130620-0010  Rock garden at Ryoan-ji, Kyoto Scan-130620-0011  Cherry trees in full bloom at Higashiyama Zoo, April 1996. Scan-130620-0014  Ed in front of a "flower tower" at Higashyama Zoo, April 1996
Scan-130620-0012  Yatai parade in Inuyama. These huge "floats" are carried by young men. There is a puppet show on the top, with the puppeteers in the midsection. Scan-130620-0013  Dinner In the  "western" dining area of our Higashiyama apartment in Nagoya. There was also a "tatami room" for traditional Japanese dining... seated on the floor at a low table. We used it on occasion. Scan-130620-0015  Hiroshima, 1996. Strangely, this observatory was very close to ground zero, yet survived. It was shored up a bit and left as a reminder. Scan-130620-0016  At Miyajima
Scan-130624-0001  Picnic under the cherry blossoms. Scan-130624-0003  Traditional Japanese hotels, Ryokan, serve kaisaki meals in a tatami floored room in your quarters. Yes, the yakatas are included! Scan-130624-0004  We prepared a Japanese meal, includinf sushi, for our Nagoya University friends before we left. Scan-130624-0005  Yuko, a friend of The Okumiyas, was assigned to be our Geisha during our stay. In addition to showing us around the city she help with our departure party.
Scan-130624-0006 Scan-130624-0007