1980s: Kids finish high school and move on to UCI, Judy gets Masters in Reading and opens reading clinic, Ed switches to Computer Science Department, ASHRAE meetings, Ed begins 20 year affiliation with The Berkeley Lab, six months in Stockholm, more European travel.


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Scan-130608-0001  Judy at Lake of the Woods, with the Baldwins. Scan-130608-0002  Jan & Uncle John Scan-130608-0003  Carl, Phyllis, & Ed Scan-130608-0004  Jini Venkatasan, Judy & Ed. Jini brought the silk for Judy's dress from India.
Scan-130608-0005  Ed getting ready for a graduation ceremony at CSUF. Scan-130616-0001  Ed & his mom, Polly. Scan-130608-0006  Ed's Mom (Polly) won a drawing for a ride on  Channel 12  News heliocopter.  Ed's sister Polly helps her with safety gear. Scan-130608-0007  Bobbie & Liz. Why is Bobbi standing on her toes?
Scan-130608-0008  Is this Jan or Princess Di? Scan-130608-0009  Patrick  thought he was a lap dog. Scan-130608-0010  Back row: Lix & Gene Rose, Jan, Mo Azghandi. Front: Ed, Judy, Vicky Azghandi, Phillis Mercer. Scan-130608-0011  Back row: Jonn, Barbara, Jean & Phil Baldwin. Front: Judy's sisters Betty & Anna, Judy & Ed.
Scan-130608-0012  Evening view from balcony of house we rented at La Mision, BC. Photo by Bryan Bell Scan-130608-0013  La Mision Scan-130608-0014  La Mision. Judy, Jan and Lisa Whitney.. Scan-130608-0015  la Mision. Liz and Laura
Scan-130608-0016  Laura & Liz's friend Dawn at Ensanada. What's going on here??? Scan-130608-0017  Thad & Bette's daughter Teri at the old Monte Cristo mine, 14 miles outside of Wikengerg, AZ.  Ed's dad was the cook here  for a year or so in the late 40s when it was a working mine. We all lived in the boarding house,  dilapidated in this photo taken in the 80s. Scan-130608-0019  Liz & Sonny. Scan-130608-0020  Jan on Is (AKA This Is It) training for dressage.
LizOnSonny  Liz on Sonny Scan-130608-0021  Jan & Giggles. Scan-130608-0022  Ed posed beside his recently acquired 1976 Jaguar XJ-S. Photo by Bryan Bell, probably in 1981. Scan-130608-0023  Is that Liz? Somewhere we have a photo of her grandfather (Pleamon jackson Sowell) in the same posture.
Scan-130608-0018  Ed's brother Thad in his dress blues. Note the dolphins on his left chest, and the torpedo on the left sleeve. He was  retired at the time of this photo. Scan-130608-0024  Bette & Thad on their THIRD wedding day. This time they stayed married! Scan-130608-0025  That's Jan of course, but what's that in her hair? Scan-130608-0026  Jan played violin in high school orchestra.
Scan-130608-0027  Ed & Judy Scan-130608-0028  Bette, Thad, Barbara, Ed's nephew John Sowell. Scan-130608-0029  Ed's mom Polly at her 90th birthday party. Scan-130608-0030  Gene Rose's returement party. At the left is Jim Friel, Chair of the Mathematics Department.
Scan-130608-0031  Gene chatting with  Seymore Ginzberg, a famous computer scientist and former colleague from Rand days. Scan-130608-0032  Gene greets his former student Vaclav Rajlich who journeyed from Ann Arbor for the party. Scan-130608-0036  Ed & Judy with George & Lolie Kunkel at one of the many dinner parties at their home. Scan-130608-0037  Banquet in Belgrade where Ed attended a conference during our Stockholm visit. Our host Maria Todorovic in white.
Scan-130608-0038  Ed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where he worked duing 1985. He commuted from Placentia, flying up early Monday Morning and returning Thursday afternoon. Scan-130608-0039  Ed & Judy Scan-130608-0040  It's Christman again already! Scan-130608-0041  Liz, Jan, Judy & Ed at Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Scan-130608-0042  You can make up your own mind as to what's going on here. Hint: Bobbie & Bryan married years later. Photo probably at a La Mision. Scan-130608-0043  Jan & Ed relaxing in the sun at our community pool in Placentia Scan-130608-0044  Two young thugs set upon Uncle Ed poolside. You don't need to see what happened next! They obviusly had an accomplice behind the camera. Scan-130608-0045  The ever-fashionable LIZ!
Scan-130608-0046  Ed's sister Polly Scan-130608-0047  Hiking the Na Pali Cliffs on Kauai Scan-130608-0049  At our condo on Kauai. Scan-130608-0050  Kauai: We did the helicopter ride too.
Scan-130608-0051  While attending the ASHRAE meeting in Honolulu we visited the USS Bowfin on display at Pearl Harbor. Ed's long time business partner and friend Marx Ayres, back row center, served on the Bowfin in WW II. Scan-130615-0001  Patrick scan  Patrick, would you please go get my slippers? Scan-130608-0033  Top: dining in our tiny flat in the Stockholm Old Town (Gamla Stan). Bottom. Judy poses on one of the many bridges in Stockholm. The city is built on several islands in the archipelago. We lived there for 6 months in 1988.
Scan-130608-0034  We took trips to various places in Europe during our Stockholm visit. This is at Ross Priory, near Glasgow. Scan-130608-0035  Edinborough Scan-130616-0002