Scan-130624-0001  We lived in Gamla Stan (old city), at  Vasterlanggaten 54 (west long street). Left: view from our 5th story flat. Right: The dormer  windows were ours. Fire escape was a rope tied to the heating radiator! We had to climb 88 steps to our door, so trips were carefully planned. Scan-130608-0033  Top: dining in our tiny flat in Gamla Stan.  Bottom: Judy poses on one of the many bridges in Stockholm. The city is built on several islands in the archipelago. Scan-130624-0013  Jan and Liz visited us in Stockholm. They brought a few things to allow us to put together a traditional American Thanksgiving meal. The turkey, a scrawny bird by US standards,  was gotten locally. Scan-130624-0016  KTH (Kungliga Tekniska högskolan, or Royal Institute of Technology) where Ed worked.
Scan-130624-0002  Picnic with our hosts the Malmstroms on an island in the archipelago. The waters was cold, but everone swam nonetheless. Scan-130624-0003  The Millesgarden in Stockholm. Scan-130624-0004  Twice we took grand ferry boats to Helsinki, Finland, where Ed participated in technical conferences. Scan-130624-0005  Island in the Baltic Sea.
Scan-130624-0007  Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm Scan-130624-0008  Late summer or early Fal is Kraftor (Crawfish) Party  time in Sweden. Lot's of festive decorations and sometimes funny hats are worn. Everyone has the opportunity to make a Aquavit toast between servings of boiled kraftor. One has to be shown how to properly eat the tasty little critters. This was was the Building Engineering Department at KTH where Ed worked. Scan-130624-0009  We took ta 1100 mile train trip to Narvik, Norway. Above is a photo of Kirina, Sweden, where we spent a night along the way. Natives here are likely Sami, the indigenous people of the Nordic countries. Traditionally they are reindeer hearders, but in modern times most work in the iron mines. Scan-130624-0010  We rented a car in Kirina and drove to Jukkasjarvi, Sweden... the "End of the earth" according to a wooden plaque left by 17th century French explorers.
Scan-130624-0006  We often traveled to other countries foe Ed's conferences during the Stockholm visit. This is in Brugge after a conference in Ostenda, Belgium. Scan-130608-0034  Ross Priory, near Glasgow, Scotland. Scan-130608-0035  Edinborough. That's Ed at the left. The fellow sitting beside him wasn't very talkative. Turned out he's a plaster prop for tourists like Ed. Scan-130624-0011  We also visited Belgrade and Dubrovnic, Yugoslavia in November, 1988.
Scan-130624-0014  One of our trips from Stockholm was to Oxford, England, where we went for a long term visit a year later. Scan-130624-0015  Getting ready for our departure Open House at our Gamla Stan flat. Top: Judy beside the buffet. Bottom: Ed hangs the wine and beer out the window to chill. Scan-130624-0012  And then the snow came! This is Kungstragargen, Stockholm.