Europe 1974

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scan0018  Liz and other kids on our street at a neighbors pool. scan0019  Grandma & Grandpa Sowell visit at our new home. EdJudyJune1970  This was  probably taken at a UCLA or high school reunion. FirstTripHawaii  At friends home on Oahu on our first visit to Hawaii.
EdRockSlideOahu  Ed showing off at a rock slide on a stream in central Oahu. Some teenage boys showed him how to hook his right foot into a hole in the rock and let go when ready to plunge to into the pool below. scan0001  Liz & Jan. Jan is showing her chipped front teeth from a bicycle fall. scan0002  Christmas treasurers. Jan is clutching a tyrannosaurus rex model which her class  at Pinecress was studying. Liz prefers her doll. scan0003  Ed got a few things too. Isn't that pipe cool?
scan0004  They were pretty creative with that pumpkin at Halloween. Jan is holding her treasured stuffed rabbit Bluey. It was down to a few threads before she had to give it up years later! scan  Judy's brother John rode his bike all the way from El Segundo to Canoga Park! scan0005  Bothe Jan and Liz  got horses in junior high, riding English. Left: Jan on Missy riding on Lakeview in Yorba Linda. Right: Liz on Sonny at a show. scan0006  A summer trip that took us to the Grand Canyon, Painted desert, etc. This look like we're in an Indian Reservation southeast of the Canyon. No roadside restaurants so we popped the "kitchen" out of the tent trailer and fixed our lunch.
scan0009  A roadside cool one. Not a good idea but... Someone had dumped their unwanted junk beside the road, including the funky white gas powered iron. scan0007  At our community pool in Placentia. scan0008  Jan at the Quintas Papagayo near Ensanada, BC. The cottages were named and ours was La Comadreja, which we thought was romantic until we learned it meant "The Weasel." scan0010  Ed & Judy with Missy. Jan and Liz rode Missy at the Share a Horse Club, and we eventually bought her. Later, we got a second hose, Sonny, for Liz so Missy became Jan's horse.
scan0011  Judy as a model at a local fashion show. Scan-130608-0041  Liz joined her. scan0012  Jan and Liz were Girl Scouts till their interest turned to horses. Scan-130608-0037  Liz and scouting buddies.
scan0013  Top left: Jan showing Missy to Judy's grandmother Rose Baldwin, visiting from Minnesota. Top Right: Jan in costume for a party. Lower left:  Jan & Liz with their cousins at Aunt Barbara's home in Phoenix. Lower right: On our summer trip through Arizona. scan0014  Top left: New bikes for Christmas. Top right: Uncle John and young Michael with Jan & Liz on our Placentia patio. Lower left: Liz on Missy. Lower right: Judy at La Mision, BC. scan0017  Ed, Judy & Patrick with Ivona Rajlich and her children. Ed helped the  family  emigrate from Pargue. scan0020  The tide pools at Corona del Mar.
scan0021  Family photo at CSUF friends home not long after we moved to Placentia. scan0022  Gotta love this picture... don't know why Jan's eyes are closed, adding a little mystery. scan0023  jan plays for her great grandmother Rose Baldwin and her grandfather Phil Baldwin. scan0024  Must me Christmas again!
scan0025  At the tide pools. Michael is in the firm grip of Aunt Judy. Scan-130608-0002  Christmas! Scan-130608-0003  This is in Tijuana while Thad, Bette, and family visited. Back: Teri, Bette, Judy, thad. Front: Liz, Karen. Middle: Lori. Scan-130608-0004  We went to the San Diago Zoo too!
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