JudyScan-130627-0001  Ed had an ASHRAE meeting in Seattle in the summer of 1976. We hooked up the tent trailer and headed north. After the meeting we continued on to British Columbia, then took The Trans Canada Highway to Winnipeg. After visiting Judys family in northern Minnesota we hit several national monuments & parks on the way home. Top left: San Francisco, Right: Judy's sisters in Portland. Bottom: Crater Lake. JudyScan-130627-0002  Top left: Judy's Aunt Babe & Uncle Tommy at theiir home in Seattle. Right: Jan and Liz on Tommy's chrome plated "paratrouper bicycles." Ed recently returned them to road readiness. Bottom left: Ed & Judy with cousin Dave Smith and wife Nancy, Seattle. Right: First day in BC. JudyScan-130627-0003  Top left: Banff. Right: Lake Louise. Bottom left: Hotel at Lake Louise. Right: Fraisure River JudyScan-130627-0004  Top: Last day in Canada. Bottom: Janet & Liz and their cousins  Carol & Peggy in Minnesota.
JudyScan-130627-0005  The Badlands, North Dakota JudyScan-130627-0006  Yellowstone National Park. Top: Old Faithful Bottom left: Mud pots. Right: Dragon's Cauldron JudyScan-130627-0007  Top: Yellowstone visitors. Bottom: Yellowstone locals! JudyScan-130627-0008  Top left: The Great Salt Lake, Right: Grand Tetons. Bottom: Unknown places on the way home.