1960s: Our early years, in West LA & Canoga Park. UCLA, Triangle Fraternity, Rocketdyne, birth of Jan & Liz, grad school.


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scan0001  Ed surrounded by beautiful babes at a Triangle Fraturnity party. scan0002  Ed's graduation, Bachelor of Engineering with Judy at his side. UCLA, 1962. scan0003  Janet just home from the hospital. This is at our apartment on Federal in West LA. scan0004  Ed's brother Tom, Judy & baby Janet at our apartment on Federal. This was Janet's babtismal day.
scan0005  Janet dressed for her first photo shoot. The photographer lived in our apartment building on Rochester in West LA. scan  Our apartment at Rochester & Saltair in West LA. We managed the building. scan0006  Top: on our way to show off Janet to Judy's family in Seattle. Bottom: Janet's first birthday party at our Rochester apartment. scan0007  On the way to Seattle. Top: San Francisco. Bottom: Crater Lake
scan0008  Jan's only Christmas without Liz! Liz was born 4 days later. scan0009  And here's LIZ! scan0010  Top: Jan loved Snowfire, the bouncing horse. Bottom left: baby Liz on Mommy's lab. Bottom Right: Grandpa Phil, Grandma Jean, and Judy's brother Chuck  meet Liz scan0011  Jan's 2nd birthday, at our new home in Canoga Park.
scan0012  At our home in Canoga Park. A neighborhood friend join Liz & Jan for the bottom photo. scan0013  Christman in Canoga Park. scan0014  On the patio at our Canoga Park home. scan0015  Our  first dog Puff the Magic Dragon.... or Puffy for short.
scan0017  Party for Ed's Rocketdyne pals at our house in Canoga Park. scan0016  And another birthday party