Scan-130616-0006  The Bride!  Judy made the dress herself. Scan-130619-0008  Fr. Ellwood Kieser, who died in 2000, gave  Judy instruction in the Roman Catholic faith at St. Paul's before we were married. He was known as "the Hollywood Priest" because he produced the Emmy Award winning television series "Insight" from 1960-1983. Scan-130616-0005  Where do I sign? Scan-130616-0007  Judy's brother Chuck & cousin Joye Ann.
Scan-130616-0008  Brides party: Ed's sister Polly, Judy's sister Barbara, Judy, Judy's high school friend Susan Adamson, Chuck, Joye Ann, and Judy's step-mother Jean Baldwin. Scan-130616-0009  Ed's oldest brother Jack was his Best Man. Not shown are his Ushers: High school friend Ronald Andrews and fraternity brother Tom Grimm. Scan-130616-0010  Here comes the bride, excorted by her father Philip Baldwin. Scan-130616-0011  There's no turning back now!
Scan-130616-0012  It's a done deal! Where's the cake? Wedding  The get-away, from St Paul's in West LA. Scan-130616-0013  Reception was at St. Timothy's, a few blocks from St. Pauls. Cheers! Scan-130616-0001  Top: We spent the first nioght of our honeymoon at the Santa Barbara Biltmore. Bottom: And the second at the Bluebird Inn in Carmel.
Scan-130616-0002  Top: Carmel, the 17-mile drive. Bottom: On to Santa Cruz where Ed's family lived during WW II. Scan-130616-0003  Top: Then on to San Francisco where we spent a couple days .  Bottom: The on to Yosemite. We stayed at a cabin outside the park on enight, then at Camp Curry the next. Ed did a compfire dinner of steak, potatoes &  corn-on-the-cob with peaches for dessert. The next day we hiked up the Mist Trail to the top of Vernal Falls. At the time we though it was Bridal Veil! Scan-130616-0004  From Yosemite we went to Las Vegas to meet up with Ed's high school friends Dale and Marge Smith. We stayed at the Flamingo.