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My Jaguar is a 1976 XJ-S, with a 12/75 date on the door post. Therefore it is one of the first cars of
the XJ-S type, the body style of which, except for a "facelift" in 1992, remained basically unchanged until 1996. It has 5.3 litre V-12
engine, now with about 130,000 miles "on the clock."

The car was originally owned by Henry Segerstrom. I've owned it since 1981. I've tried to maintain it
as it has aged. It was sanded down to metal and completely repainted around 1988, and had the
upholstery redone. Several times since it has been in the body shop for touch-up and miscellaneous body
repairs. The entire interior was refurbished in early 2003. All in all, it looks good for its age.

Click here to see the original window sticker.

1982 (approx)
 More Photos


 Maintenance projects completed
 Jaguar Parts Sources

Maintenance Projects 

Bonnet lock adjustment procedure
Injector Harness Rebuild (PDF)
Air-conditioning Rebuild
Cup Holder (PDF document)
Auxiliary Fan Control on Engine Compartment Temperature (HTML Document)
Coolant recovery reservoir (HTML document)
Front Crankshaft Seal Replacement (PDF file)
Remote Header tank Replacement (Cathouse  Spares, Syndey)  (Giff file)
Cam Cover Gasket Replacement (HTML document)
Coolant Crossover pipe (HTML document)
Keyless Entry (HTML document)
Headliner (HTML document)
Crane Ignition Installation (HTML document)
Distributor Overhaul (HTML document)
Undertray Repairs  (HTML document)
Rewiring Front Speakers  (HTML document)
Rebuilding Front Seats  (PDF file)
HE Fuel Rail retrofit ( PDF document)
Fuel injector testing ( PDF document)
 Backup Lights Repair ( PDF document)
Radiator Drain Valve (PDF document)
 Fan Jockey Pulley Rebuild (PDF File)
 Door Hinge Rebuild(PDF File)
 Servicing the Throttle Capstan (PDF File)
 Installing New Bonnet Struts(PDF File)
 Servicing the D-Jetronic Throttle Switch (PDF File)
 Cleaning AC Condensate Drains (PDF file) 

Replacing Vinyl Side Bumper Strip (PDF File)

Refurbishing Kent Wheels (PDF file)

Cleaning the Front Power Buss (PDF file)

Calibrating the Temperature gauge (PDF document)

Brake Caliper Overhaul (by R. Dowling) (PDF File)

Retrofit of HE Mechanical Fan  (PDF document)

Fuel tank issues( PDF document)

Rear Window Seal (photo album)

Tail light issues (photo album)

Windscreen Wipers (PDF file)

Valve Train Problem (Photo album)  

Other Technical Information

Fuel pressure tests (PDF file, XLS file)
Rust damage, parcel shelf, left
Wiper Actuator Mounting (Giff file)
Rust damage, parcel shelf, right
Wiper Parked Blade Position (Giff file)
Rust damage, Under seat
Exploded distributor cap?(photo)
 Richard Dowling's Starter Spanner
  EFI Hose Joints
 Flushing Tee in Heater Hose


Crane XR700 Amplifier mounting

Fuel Odor sniffing (video)

Fuel pump check valve

MAP Sensor

Power Amplifier, disassembled

XJS Parts Cross-listing


DELANAIRE AMP (.pdf) Dowling



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