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50 Years Together

Mt. Baldy Hike May 2013

Birthday Party at Laura's

Yosemite 2012


Crystal Cove Backpack: equipment shakedown for Grand Canyon trip (photos by Ed)

More photos (photos by Andrew & Suzie)

Giant Boulder

Ice House Canyon

PMC Hike to Mesa Springs

Santiago Peak 2012

Hike to the Hollywood Sign

2011 Collection

Thanksgiving 2011

Ed's 72nd Birthday

Santiago Okas Hike

Polly & Jan in Downtown Los Angeles

July 5, 2011

Holy Jim Trail to the Falls

June 27, 2011

Pine Mountain 2011

June 2011

Mt San Jacinto Hike

July 24, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Jackson's 5th Birthday Party

Christmas 2009

Halloween 2009, Jackson, Kevin, &  Liz

Ed's 70th Birthday

More photos (Liz & Kevin)

Train to Grand Canyon and Family Reunion in Flagstaff

4th of July 2009

Canada & Minnesota by Train, June 2009

A chronicle of the trip by Judy

Polly's visit, April 09

Jackson's Vacation in Berkeley

Coast Starlight to Seattle