Supai, the capital of the Havasupai Reservation, is on a plateau about 2000 feet below Hualapai Hilltop. About 200 people live there year round, almost all members of the Havasupai Tribe. There is a tourits office, post office, market, and lodge at the center, and a smaller store and fast food window at a residence beside the trail as you enter the village from the south. Tourists are required to stay on the main trail and not photograph local people or their residences. The campground is about 2 miles further along the trail.
SAM 0827  Breakfast at the Tribal Cafe BreakfastAtTribalCafe  It's going to be along hike. JR's already gone back for 2nds... maybe I should too... SAM 0838  Setting out from our quarters at The Lodge in Supai. Kind of rustic, but clean. Having camped in the Canyon last year, we all agreed that the showers alone were worth the price. SupaiLodge  Kathy & Jon at the Lodge
LodgeCourtyard  Courtyard a the Lodge. In the middle, close to the table, is a net used for helicopter supply transport. Apparently,  it was always left in the courtyard because it's the eaiest thing to do. LocalStarbucks  Ed & Jon enjoying a cuppa joe at JR's Supai Starbucks franchise. HavasupaiStore  We're cleaned up after a day hike and ready for a night on the town. Club20Patio  On the CLub 20 (aka Jon & Kathy's room) patio.
CampgroundWaterSupply  Kathy fills her hydration pack at the spring in the campground, about 2 miles from the village. No treatment of this fresh spring water is necessary .