Navaho Falls

Navaho is the first falls you encounter as you make your way down the trail from the Village. Actually, there are several drops at Navaho, the larger ones being Upper Navaho and and Lower Navaho. While not as high as Havasu or Mooney, the Navaho Falls are beautiful. The pool below Lower Navaho offers the most accessible swiming. The best place to enter is probably a large, sloped boulder at water edge somewhat downstream; you will have to wade & swim upstream to get to the deeper water below the falls.
SAM 0795  Upper Navaho Falls. SAM 0798  The creek has a few smaller falls between Upper & Lower Navaho Falls SAM 0799  Lower Navaho SAM 0836  Lower Navaho. You can go behind the falls on the shelf then dive through. There are warnings of strong currents behind falls, but  Navaho is  not too bad because it's not as high as the others. Also not recommended is jumping ftom the cliff above, although some do at Navaho.
NavahoFalls  This great shot by JR shows both Upper & Lower Navaho. SwimmingAtNavaho  Jon & Kathy emerging from the pool. NavahoBeach JRFloats  JR relaxes in the Navajo pool...
EdJRSwimNavaho  Ed & JR making their way intot he deep water.