Hualapai Hilltop Trail

The Hualapia HilltopTrail leads you about 8 miles to Supai, AZ, a small village that has been occupied by the Havasupai people for several hundred years. Right beside the trailhead is a small building where, with previous arrangement, you can check duffels.The first mile of the trail descends about 1000 feet into a broad valley. The trail follows the center of this valley which offers a gradual descent to a narrow gorge leading to another plateau where Supai is located.
SAM 0776  kathy, Jon, & JR at Hualapai Hilltop, ready to descend. SuitingUpAtHualapaiHilltop  Ed suiting up for the hike down. MuleShack  Checking the duffels KathyAndJonAtHualapaiHilltop  Ok, lets do this!
The3Amigos  Ed, JR, & Jon... aka Tres Amigos! JohnKathy  Don't they look exhausted? SAM 0777  Remains of some kind of shelter. SAM 0779  The switchbacks going down from Hilltop.
ComingOutOfSwitchbacks z  Emerging from the Switchbacks 6p5Marker  Shortly after clearing the switchbacks... we're almost there! SAM 0781  In the gorge. Huge slabs of rock have fallen over the ages. SAM 0784  Rock formations colors range from tan to red.
SAM 0785  Kathy was able to hold it up till we got past. SAM 0787  The trail tends to divide and rejoin itself as you make your way through the gorge. Always have to keep an eye out for the mule trains, as they tend to divide at these junctures. They have the right-of-way and are moving at a fast pace. SAM 0788  The first encouraging sign, about a mile and half from the village. Note the green trees and brush, first sigh of  Havasu Creek. SAM 0789  It seems that owning horsesfor use as pack animals and transportation is a cottage industry in Supai. Practically all houses have horses in the yards, and some owners let them roam free. Cheaper than buying hay!
SAM 0790  This is where the Havasu Creek is first seen, to the right of the trail as you approach the village. SAM 0793  Famous Supai landmark, the Wigleeva, believed by the indians to be the god & goddess of the Supai people. RockFormations  Looks like the set for an epic movie! SAM 0792  Helicopters operate several days per week. When they do, they are in constant transit back and forth from Hilltop. They are operated primarily for the Supai residents and businesses, but tourists can use them too. On the days they operate you have to get a ticket at the store (or in advance) and show up at the helipad early in the morning since seating is first-come-first-serve.
SAM 0839  Beginning our hike out, up the Hilltop trail SAM 0840  Rocky in many places SAM 0842  The trail steepens as we approach the switchbacks. SAM 0845  About hald way up the switchbacks, looking back to where we were. It takes just about half an hour for seasoned hikers.
RestBreak  We had a lot of shade due to overhangs in the gorge. Also, much of the switchbacks were in shade during the morning hours when we hiked.