IMGP4004  Early start from Studio City IMGP4006  Bikes assembled and ready to ride from China Town, about 8:15AM IMGP4007  Kevin's ready to roll! IMGP4008  The volunteers are still setting up at the China Town Hub
IMGP4010  The big inflatable arch is not flying yet. IMGP4012  We're getting a jumb on the crowd by leaving at 8:30AM. IMGP4014  Chinese American Legion HQ on Broadway IMGP4016
IMGP4017  Leaving Chinatown down Broadway 20141005 090040  4th Street Bridge over Los Angeles River and railroad tracks, headed toward Boyle Heights IMGP4020  Mural in Boyle Heights IMGP4021  Looking back towards downtown LA
IMGP4026  City Hall from 4th St Bridge 20141005 091600  Mariachi Plaza Boyle Heights IMGP4028  Downtown LA as seen from Boyle Heights IMGP4029  Metro Station in Boyle Heights
IMGP4030  Mariachi players IMGP4033  CicLAvia Hub at East Los Angeles IMGP4035 IMGP4036  Lots of activities at the East LA hub. This was a fitness training event, basically flinging tires around!
IMGP4038  ... things for kids too. IMGP4040  Park at East LA Civic Center IMGP4041 IMGP4042
IMGP4043  Headed back along Cesar Chavez IMGP4044 20141005 105751  Evergreen Cemetery on East Cesar Chavez is about the biggest I ever saw. Lots of headstones but little or no grass! IMGP4049
IMGP4050 20141005 112025  We had a police escort while eating a Kings Taco. They parked their bikes beside ours and the one at the counter knocked mine down. He apologized and helped me get it upright. IMGP4053 IMGP4057  Free photo at a Boyle Heights booth.
20141005 114911  Almost back to LA IMGP4058 IMGP4069  Art work in the Arts District IMGP4073
IMGP4074 20141005 122233  We had a beer at Grand Central Market on Broadway. IMGP4079  The place was packed! IMGP4080
IMGP4081  Almost back to Chinatown IMGP4083 IMGP4085  Lots of people just heading out... or maybe they started in East LA. IMGP4032  Taking a survey for CicLAvia.
photo  This guy owns an East LA bike shop and set up a free repairs booth at the Hub. We bought a new seat for Kevin's bike. The old one was a pain in the butt! 20141005 083203 20141005 083409 20141005 102946
IMGP4078  Rock climb at the south Broadway Hub